About us

About us

IMS Health Real World Evidence Solutions serves the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies and medical research organisations, providing electronic pseudonymised primary care patient data. IMS Health Real World Evidence Solutions supports, trains and advises on patient data in the UK and worldwide.

IMS Health Real World Evidence Solutions core team were instrumental in developing the GPRD* in the late 1980s, a GP data system that pioneered the use of patient data in medical research.

EPIC formed in 1995 to focus on using patient data sources for medical research. In 2002 EPIC helped to establish The Health Improvement Network (THIN) Database, an electronic data resource covering more than three million patients.

Three years later EPIC became part of CSD Medical Research group, who supply international healthcare data and conduct epidemiological, health, economic and clinical studies worldwide. As of 1st April 2015 CSD Medical Research group became a part of IMS Health Real World Evidence Solutions.


*EPIC is a licence holder of an historical part of the GPRD dataset. GPRD is owned by the Secretary of State for Health and is managed on his behalf by the GPRD Group at the MHRA. The name GPRD is a trademark of the GPRD.

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