Quality assurance

Data testing

IMS Health Real World Evidence Solutions endeavours to ensure that all datasets extracted from THIN Data and programmed information sent to researchers accurately reflects data recorded by GPs. Quality assurance is of utmost importance and all data are tested and checked both by programmers and independent testers. The IMS Health Real World Evidence Solutions programming & research team have many years' experience in data testing and in the event of any data queries will respond within 1 working day.


A new data quality initiative is underway to create practice level data quality parameters. Acceptable Mortality Reporting (AMR) dates have recently been calculated and applied to each practice. Other quality indicator dates are planned which will be available to researchers for each practice. The Acceptable Mortality Reporting (AMR) indicator has been calculated by IMS Health Real World Evidence Solutions from reviewing trends in death reporting for each individual THIN practice. The AMR is the year from which the practice is deemed to be reporting all-cause mortality based on predicted numbers of deaths derived from National statistics given the practice’s demographics. This information has been incorporated into the practice file and is available for every practice.

Example Practice

yearly death reporting

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