Additional Information Services

One major advantage of THIN Data is the ability to gain access to supplementary pseudonymised medical records to confirm diagnoses recorded electronically and to elicit further information on patients.

Additional Information Services (AIS) have many years' experience in liaising with data providers to obtain these records on behalf of researchers.

The following information or documents can be requested from participating GPs after ethical/scientific approval is received:

  • Copies of patient-related correspondence (hospitalisation notes, discharge summaries etc) or other documentation held by the practice.
  • Questionnaires completed by patients, GPs or carers.

  • An opinion or confirmation from the doctor about a specific diagnosis in the electronic record (usually by way of questionnaire).

  • A specified intervention e.g. a laboratory test or blood pressure recording or an intervention to confirm diagnosis.
  • Death certificates or information required to confirm cause of death.

Other than ensuring depersonalisation, no modifications are made by THIN-AIS.

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